Cornwall, UK

Bio: I have 15 years experience working as the Economic Botanist at the Eden Project - researching topical stories, artefacts, ethnobotanical inks, catering and retail links to exhibits. I am interested in any openings or projects linked to research, writing or talks concerning uses of plants or social science subjects, food systems and health. I have been involved in projects linked to uses of plant materials for manufacturing and community energy projects - particularly community biogas and I am also interested in agroforestry and aquaculture. Previously I was involved with plant breeding and plant tissue culture working on a range of crops including winter cauliflowers, agricultural lupins, vining peas, wheat and barley and coconuts. I am now undertaking a research project with Global Biotechnology Transfer foundation colleagues on EU funds projects linked to how local food supply systems relate to the global food supply chains. I am also freelance for the remaining time and am interested in opportunities for lecturing; writing articles; consultancy linked to the ​development of botanic gardens for crops based exhibits; supply chain work for unusual food or non-food crops with interesting stories about plants and people attached to them. In 2018 I undertook a Churchill Fellowship study tour visiting Africa (Cameroon, Kenya) and North America (USA and Canada) to study "Community engagement and Participatory Plant Breeding and Participatory Variety Selection in tree and field crops". (See related blogs on this site) I also visited Germany and researchers in the Netherlands. I am keen to put some of the findings linked to genetics and plant breeding training and research relating to perennial/tree or shrub and annual/biennial crops into practice. I am interested in hearing from any researchers with related experiences who may be interested in project collaboration. I have established apple tree population trials with a series of land owners initially in Cornwall in relation to the research mentioned above. Andrew Ormerod PhD CF Cornwall, England aormerod2015(at)gmail.com

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